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The brain behind FATHOM Dive Systems


Are you an instructor? This article is a must read. We still need much to learn in our sport. Not always the problems aroused are easy to identify. Being an instructor is a huge responsibility, sometimes, the general public do not comprehend. Divernet: Diving instructor cleared in ‘safety-stop’ death case. Check the article here: 👇https://divernet.com/scuba-diving/diving-instructor-cleared-in-safety-stop-death-case/

‘Dirty Dozen’ warning: Fruits and veggies rank on danger list

Fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest pesticide residues. strawberries spinach kale, collard and mustard greens nectarines apples grapes bell and hot peppers cherries peaches pears celery tomato Consumers should simply rinse the fruit or vegetable with tap water and gently scrub, without soaps, to remove most residues from the outside and to avoid […]

Opinel knives

When I go camping, I carry utensils for preparing food and a dedicated folding knife for this. Today’s post is about which knife I use for preparing meals during camping and walking day trips. I like simplicity. That is why I like tools that are easy to use and clean. For that reason, I bought […]

We are focusing on racism in the wrong manner

We’re living in confusing times, attacking each other, the so called “cancel culture” and so on… We are focusing on racism in the wrong manner, so it is refreshing to have found Chloé Valdary and her Theory of Enchantment. Listening to this wonderful podcast, J.P and Chloé embraced into a deeply conversation about why we […]

Merry Christmas

When I look back over my shoulder to peek at the year left behind, I have a mixed bag of feeling. It has been exceedingly difficult. Challenging times require spirit, we all are fatigued at this point, but we can always reach inside for guidance. You may be lost at this point (within the pandemic), […]

Amazing what Charlie Roberson has accomplished

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, KUR divers Charlie Roberson and Andy Pitkin explored and surveyed 564 ft of new passage at the bottom of Mt. Doom. Originally explored in 2007, Mt. Doom was the deepest point in the cave at 407 ffw, until deeper sections were explored last season.

Problem reaching your valves and isolator on your twins/ doubles?

Do the following exercises to improve your movements and possible fix this issue. The world’s population is aging and becoming healthier; therefore, we see more elderly people doing more outdoor activities. Diving is no exception; much of the technical diving community has a middle-age demographic structure. Other factors that contribute to the age range in […]

John Clarke

John Clarke

John R. Clarke, Ph.D. (born November 20, 1945) is an American scientist, private pilot, and author. He served as Scientific Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU). Clarke is recognized as a leading authority on rebreather engineering. He has an extensive academic career in biological and physiological sciences. He is an excellent […]

An effortless way to add weight on my Sidemount rig

Author: Carlos Lander, edited by: Bruce Konefe Normally when I travel, I prefer to use my “Dive Rite – TransPac” sidemount configuration, twin tanks are not always available. My sidemount configuration works great, however, I needed to find a better solution to mount the lead weights, to help perfect my buoyancy/ trim. With a small […]

Rebreather Setting Leads to Dangerous Equipment Failure

that gear is used for. Servicing for regulators varies on the brand and type of equipment, so making sure the technician knows if it will be used on a close-circuit rebreather could have prevented an irregular pressure setting. It is always best before diving to double check your apparatus and check your line pressures to make sure they are compatible with your brand of equipment.

Mermaids are real- culture

Ancient sailors claimed to witness in deep oceans creatures’ part-human and part-animal. Maps are strewn with strange creatures likes mermaids and mermen.

Karlos Simón

El amigo de los tiburones! Conoce la vida de Karlos en la intimidad. En esta amena conversación Karlos revela su amor por los oceanos, su avidez por la aventura y, sus primeros pasos como camarógrafo.

The Recreational Decompression Diving

SSI new diving program, 2021. Versión en español This year SSI comes with a new course: Decompression Diving. On my view; this course is aim to the recreational market. Is an effort for bringing safety to divers who tends to stay longer, deeper and generally made “deco” with their dive computer with a single cylinder. […]

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