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Joints Mobility

Mobility and Yoga

Why nobody teaches mobility in scuba?

As divers we use a lot of equipment and, swim large distances underwater, plus need to handle situations like maneuvering the manifold, valves, cameras, etc. People tend to think that what they needs is a lot of muscles, but generally divers forgot about mobility.

Joint Mobility refers to as the degree to which an articulation can move before being restricted by other tissues, otherwise known as the “range of motion”. Also joint stability is defined as the ability to control the movement.

Mobility is different than flexibility, mobility is able to control your joints into a range of motions and actively controlling, which means less injuries when we do exercises or contour the body while diving.

There are quite a few exercises that you can do, from animalistic movements to yoga movements. In any case those exercises must be done with an objective. Hip, shoulders, neck, thoracic, knee and ankle; all these parts should be able to move without pain or too much restrictions while diving.

What kind of exercises?

I found that a good mix of exercises tooks from Tim is the best way for me. I’ll let you two videos that you can check it out. If you want me to post a complete guide of my routine, let me know in the comments and gladly I’ll post it over here.


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