Deep Dive into Reading

An insightful conversation with Anna Kozlova.

A videographer, an adventurer, and a storyteller.

Anna is an enthusiastic, experienced diver and underwater videographer with a background in science and additional education in cinematography.

Anna has nine years of diving experience, eight of them as technical diver and as
underwater videographer, and more than one thousand logged dives.

She has a creative personality, has a natural sense of frame composition. Anna is a storyteller.


Other Episodes


• Documentary ‘Away from school’, Russia, 2014; editor, camera operator, scriptwriter.
• Documentary ‘The urban savages’, Russia, 2013; camera operator.
• Documentary ‘The winemaking’, Russia, 2013; camera operator, editor.
• Documentary ‘The magic colors of the sea’, Russia, 2010; underwater camera operator, editor.
• Documentary ‘The Blue Hole’, Russia, 2009; underwater camera operator.
• TV series ‘Underwater with Anna Kozlova’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; underwater camera operator,
narrative writer.
• TV series ‘The ultimate depth’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; underwater camera operator.
• TV series ‘The world explorers club’, TV7, Russia, 2008-2009; camera operator, narrative writer.
• Multiple articles in diving magazines.

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