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Argonaut Kraken

I came across this website: Vintage Double Hose and it’s fascinating what I learned about scuba vintage equipment. I still use my US Aquarius and Conshelf regulators and, believed me, I didn’t know those were considered vintage.

Bryan created the Argonaut Kraken and, according to him, he did it, because he was frustrated for the lack of information and availability of parts of DA Aqua-Master. With the help of Luis Heros, they debuted in 2014 the first modern double hose regulator, designed with modern standards and parts.

Their site is a pandora of information with a forum and a webstore.

I guarantee you that their customer service is excellent.

I strongly suggest that you visit his site, you’ll learn a lot about scuba equipment, may ask questions and browse catalogs.

Look at the Argonaut Kraken:

Bryan and Luis’s Double Hose Reg.

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