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Diving Into History with Thailand’s Sira Ploymukda

Diving Into History with Thailand’s Sira Ploymukda
Certifiable Venezuelan dive geek Carlos Lander explores the discoveries of Thailand’s underwater archeology research team headed by resident expert Sira Ploymukda, who’s been involved in at least ten shipwreck excavations. 
Their findings are shedding light on Thailand’s role in early transoceanic commerce. 

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I had the opportunity to worked with Michael once again in this wonderful story about the current development in the archaeology field in Thailand. Also, I worked with outstanding people like Sira Ploymukda and Bruce Konefe.

During the last trip, Siwat Worachananant and Sira Ploymukda took a set of delightful photographs that I want to share with you.

As always, I hope you like it!

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