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Joe Porter will be missed

Yesterday a friend, Joe Porter, lost his life battling an illness.

Countless are the stories of those who met him… everyone has something good to say about Joe.

I met Joe and Heidi within the first year of the Wreck Diving Magazine, a few minutes of talking was enough to form a bond, so much that he influenced me to keep pursuing my dream of studying archaeology.

Through the years that bond never stopped. At one point I was eager to make a good gesture to them, so I made a US-diver-scale-model, packeted, and sent it to them. Up until this day, it’s on his desk.

When I heard that he was ill and I, living in the distance, the least I could do was record a message of gratitude, that Heidi was so kind to played to him. I know that you heard it, my friend.

My heart is with Heidi and the family.

We will remember him for his kindness and righteous attitude toward life.

“Wherever you fare till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end!”

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