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An effortless way to add weight on my Sidemount rig

Author: Carlos Lander, edited by: Bruce Konefe

Normally when I travel, I prefer to use my “Dive Rite – TransPac” sidemount configuration, twin tanks are not always available.

My sidemount configuration works great, however, I needed to find a better solution to mount the lead weights, to help perfect my buoyancy/ trim.

With a small modification, you can add up to 9lbs /4 kgs of weight. The weights are mounted centered of your body, allowing to place the lead where most needed.

This simple solution has worked great for me and only need a few small components that you can get about any dive shop.

What you need:

  • 2 pieces of 2″ webbing, one small and one bigger, a little more than 11 inch and it will depend of the amount of lead you use.
  • 2 stainless-steel assembly screws.
  • 1 belt slide ( can be stainless steel or plastic).

First attach a small piece of webbing with a stainless-steel assembly screw and a weight/ d-ring retainer, like so:

Second, in the other webbing, add a hole at the end of the webbing and pass the other end (without the hole) into the retainer. Then screw it into the last grommet of the harness with another stainless-steel assembly screw behind the “buttplate”, like so:

Carlos Lander
Carlos Lander

Finally add the amount of lead needed and attach the other end of the webbing with the weight/ d-ring retainer into the first grommet, like so:

The length of the webbing can be adjusted with the retainer.

Carlos Lander

Once the pad is added, it will prevent the lead from moving around and you won’t feel a thing, it is comfortable both in and out of the water.

Carlos Lander

Let me know what you use. Did you find this useful?

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