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Merry Christmas

When I look back over my shoulder to peek at the year left behind, I have a mixed bag of feeling. It has been exceedingly difficult.

Challenging times require spirit, we all are fatigued at this point, but we can always reach inside for guidance.

You may be lost at this point (within the pandemic), but that so is the nature of life, because life is an adventure. Being in an adventure is being lost from time to time, isn’t it?

Think about this: It’s a privilege to be alive, the fact that you are alive is a miracle.

For sciences “we are literally a quantum lumps”, although we don’t see quantum fluctuations in small scales (like us), all those (quantum fluctuations) at the beginning of times eventually created planets, stars, galaxies and ultimately us. So, for you to have been born many events have passed, so from all that physical uncertainty you have been born. Thus, you are star dust.

Any time you feel down think about the miracle you are.

A blessing Christmas to all,


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