We are focusing on racism in the wrong manner

We’re living in confusing times, attacking each other, the so called “cancel culture” and so on…

We are focusing on racism in the wrong manner, so it is refreshing to have found Chloé Valdary and her Theory of Enchantment.

Listening to this wonderful podcast, J.P and Chloé embraced into a deeply conversation about why we are racist and how we can overcome it.

Chloé Valdary and J.P discuss The Theory of Enchantment, her personal brand of compassionate anti-racism. Chloé has been featured in Psychology Today and the NY Times. Her work with Theory of Enchantment attempts to bring compassion to diversity training and fight bigotry with love. We covered a range of topics surrounding her practice, structural racism in the US, the civil rights movement, the best way to criticize one another, the power of Truth, white fragility, and what one could expect from her (rather unique) diversity seminars.


After completing the program, I’m convinced it’s very much needed to highlight our common humanity, heal our divisions, and bridge our differences.”

SiHan Xu, Head of Legal at TikTok

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