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Gerber lockdown drive multitool

Gerber lockdown drive multitool (product link) is a low profile multitool with eight (8) tools, although for me the main core is the “drive”, likewise I consider the file and exchangeable blade (#11) essential for my trips; of course, the blade is a welcome addition, but for my needs, I would exchange the blade for a saw.

This tool is not a one hand opening tool; for its exterior looks like, but no, it isn’t.

Lockdown drive replaceable #11 utility blade and awl.

Some of my equipment uses several types of lock nuts and bolts, so I made my own set and added an extended drive. Having one tool and a plier is more than enough for most camping occasions, but scissors are essential for a First Aid Kit, that’s why I would prefer to have scissors instead of an awl.

As this tool has an exceptionally low profile, it makes it ideal for everyday carry (EDC).

During trips, I kept it in a tin can. This can serve me as a “first aid kit”. In this can I have:

Lockdown drive multitool, a Swiss Army Knife classic (product link), eye wash, knuckle adhesive and fingertip bandages, antiseptic towelettes, povidone-Iodine or alcohol pads, one safety pin and two cotton tipped applicators. Depending on the days ahead I could add other stuff like antibiotic ointments and sting relief wipes.


What do you use as EDC multi-tool?

2 responses to “Gerber lockdown drive multitool”

  1. Very nice article! I personally like the Victorinox Tinker for my EDC, but I do need to find a good plier option that is small and lightweight. Either the Leatherman Squirt or the SOG PowerPint are my next planned purchase 🤔

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