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DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers


Tech DC advantages

I’ve been using Freedom DC for a long time. From my experience, without hesitation this is the best computers on the market today, there are many reasons for this:

First, this DC is suitable for any type of diving, this means that you may upgrade or buy the firmware you really need, no extra expenses. For example, if you are a CCR diver and you use ratio deco with backup tables, you will buy CCR BOTTOM TIMER, if in the feature you want to upgrade to a full decompression computer, you may do so by acquiring only the firmware.

Second, the algorithm. All Freedom computers use Bühlmann’s ZLH16 B or C algorithm with adjustable Gradient Factors to suit the divers’ needs. Also, for recreational divers you can activate Safety Stops and add Pyle Deep Stops. Deep stops are also customizable between 1 to 3 minutes.

The customization of this DC is incredible. During the dive, you may choose to view the actual stop or the Ceiling, add rounding time to it and setup your last stop (6 or 3 meters). Also, you can program your DC with your descent and ascent rate based on zonesThis is especially useful when you do slow ascent instead of deep stops.

Another customization is the ascent gas, which can be program to “optimal” or “current”. This will affect your planning ascent profile. The former is the “optimal” deco gas and the other only uses the bottom gas.

You may access the library to review some of the concepts mentioned here.

Third, the DC is housed in a full aluminum body tested up to 350 meters.


You may also plan your diver directly on the computer, it has a simple dive planner, with SFC interval, target depth, bottom time, and gas mixes. That is in OC or CC. If you want to plan a multilevel dive you need to work with average depth.

The result plan is particularly useful, not only do you have Nodeco time or Deco time/stops and TTS with run time, but also NoFly time, which is important if you are travelling by car.

In the result plan also, you can do gas management and BO.

The DC comes with Li-Ion rechargeable battery that gives you an onscreen indicator of battery life and can show a predicted battery duration for dive planning.

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