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Planning dives with DIVESOFT apps

DVESOFT has released an application for smartphones, with the app you may plan dives (CCR/OC), make todo lists, register trips and dives, add devices and a checklist for assembling CCR liberty units.

As you see, it’s a comprehensive application for DIVESOFT products, especially for liberty CCR(s). Nevertheless, if you only used their Freedom DC, it’s particularly useful as well. This app is connected to WetNotes, the web- logbook from DIVESOFT.

Freedom DC has a dive planner as well. Let’s plan two (2) dives and compare results from the DC and the app smartphone. The main difference between apps is that you can’t plan multilevel dives within the DC app, to get around this you can use the depth average.

Also, in the DC app, you can add how many minutes you will spend on the gas switch between bottom and deco gas. If you want to get the results as much closer to each other, you need to set this number to zero (0).

The OC planned dive is very standard, mixtures setups are Air and, EAN 50%. The GF: 47/85, model: ZH-L16B, the rate & zones: 20 m/min on descent and 9 m/min on ascent.

The results are the same, the difference comes from rounding seconds.


Planning a multilevel dive

The beauty of the smartphone app is that it is tailored for multilevel dives, you just add points and drag the profile-line or insert numbers.

Let’s review this example: 45 meters for 10 minutes and, 10 minutes at 21 meters. If you want to use your Freedom DC app, just work with the average depth: 33 meters for 20 minutes. The results in this case are also the same, one minute or so no matter. But you need to plan your gases well, paying attention to the amount of air used at 45 meters 13 minutes:


Overall, you don’t need the app, but it’s a welcome addition as you have many whizzes and whistles in it. Although I don’t use a Liberty CCR, I found the idea of building a TO DO LIST compelling, you can build templates and reuse it. Ah, what is lacking from the smartphone app is planning a second or third dive in the same day, which you CAN DO in the Freedom DC app. So, for me the Freedom DC app is still the way to go!

Can average depth be used to estimate deco?

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