This website is a free and independent source of information, this site isn’t in any way affiliated with any manufacturer, organization, or diving agency- school.

It was built for "the enthusiastic divers" of any level.

Although this is one man enterprise, I always in search of fellow divers to collaborate with me. You may do so by helping me with research or donations.

Your help will keep this website running.

Current Project

I’m in pursuit of working with public entities that need a comprehensive range of underwater educational programs. Within the branch of public safety, scientific and archaeological diving.

Who am I?

I like to spend time with my family. I do like to travel, absorb, and understand diverse cultures. I’m a diver, and a science “aficionado”. Love to study human physiology and its effect on divers. But if I want to be rigorous; I’ve an eclectic taste, like computer programming, art, gaming, yoga, and archaeology.

What I do?

  • Public safety, scientific and archaeology diving.
  • Ecology and educational projects.
  • Technology based projects.

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