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Argonaut Kraken

I came across this website: Vintage Double Hose and it’s fascinating what I learned about scuba vintage equipment. Actually, I still use my US Aquarius and Conshelf regulators and, believed me, I didn’t know those were considered vintage. The site was created by Bryan in 2004 and accoriding from what I read, he was frustrated […]

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Diveimmersion -Tools

Publications- technical diving A comparative evaluation of two decompression procedures for technical diving using inflammatory responses: compartmental versus ratio deco Bill Hamilton VPM algorithm for repetitive dives poster Clearing Up The Confusion About “Deep Stops” By Erik C. Baker Gradient Factor Decompression Program in Fortran GRADIENT FACTORS Matti Anttila, Ph.D. MV values ON MODERN DIVE […]

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The Jason Parker Trilogy

When saving the world is not enough. This part is focus on the intriguing side of being able to write a series, on evolution, on aliens, deep waters, low oxygen environments, life and more… podcast feed Series Middle Waters “A techno science fiction thriller that is grounded in what we know of our physical world, […]