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Andy Fritz

His a bold and humble person. A Highly intelligent with a strategic thinking. No doubt that his actions inspire others to dream, learn more and become more… RSS feed Andy Fritz started modifying Russian military rebreathers back in 1997 initially for personal use, but soon enough divers would travel to Thailand to get their rebreathers modernized and […]

CCR Oxygen sensors SCUBA Diving

Pelagian approach to Instant Cell Validation

The second function of the ADV is provide a simple means to verify the accuracy of the oxygen sensors during a dive. As mentioned in the Set up chapter, oxygen sensors are unreliable and your best defense is to check them frequently. Additionally, during the course of a dive, every time the ADV triggers the […]


Poseidon Head made by Underwater Technologies

The Configuration of the head has the possibility to use up to three oxygen cells, two independent power supply sources (battery type: LiPo 18650) and a low-power solenoid Clippard. A discussion about solenoids and Kiss valve: A Kiss valve needs at least between 12-13 bar of pressure to works correctly, Clippart works with a very […]