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  • Nathan Fillion, the diver.

    Nathan Fillion, the diver.

    Nathan has a wonderful character, does not take himself seriously and it is down to earth. I really enjoyed this wonderful conversation.

  • Opinel knives

    Opinel knives

    When I go camping, I carry utensils for preparing food and a dedicated folding knife for this. Today’s post is about which knife I use for preparing meals during camping and walking day trips. I like simplicity. That is why I like tools that are easy to use and clean. For that reason, I bought…

  • Gerber lockdown drive multitool

    Gerber lockdown drive multitool

    is a low profile multitool with eight (8) tools, although for me the main core is the “drive”, likewise I consider the file and exchangeable blade (#11) essential for my trips; of course, the blade is a welcome addition, but for my needs, I would exchange the blade for a saw.

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    When I look back over my shoulder to peek at the year left behind, I have a mixed bag of feeling. It has been exceedingly difficult. Challenging times require spirit, we all are fatigued at this point, but we can always reach inside for guidance. You may be lost at this point (within the pandemic),…

  • Joe Porter will be missed

    Joe Porter will be missed

    “Wherever you fare till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end!”

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