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  • Problem reaching your valves and isolator on your twins/ doubles?

    Problem reaching your valves and isolator on your twins/ doubles?

    Do the following exercises to improve your movements and possible fix this issue. The world’s population is aging and becoming healthier; therefore, we see more elderly people doing more outdoor activities. Diving is no exception; much of the technical diving community has a middle-age demographic structure. Other factors that contribute to the age range in…

  • Yoga props

    Yoga props

    Sustainable practice Sustainable means that you want to be able to continue doing yoga without injuries. More often than not, people get injured doing Yoga because they forgot to maintain a good posture foundation. Some people do more importance to breathing than how a posture (exercise) is performed. In reality; both are equally important; nonetheless,…

  • Joints Mobility

    Joints Mobility

    Why nobody teaches mobility in scuba? As divers we use a lot of equipment and, swim large distances underwater, plus need to handle situations like maneuvering the manifold, valves, cameras, etc. People tend to think that what they needs is a lot of muscles, but generally divers forgot about mobility. Joint Mobility refers to as…

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