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  • Merry Christmas

    When I look back over my shoulder to peek at the year left behind, I have a mixed bag of feeling. It has been exceedingly difficult. Challenging times require spirit, we all are fatigued at this point, but we can always reach inside for guidance. You may be lost at this point (within the pandemic), […]

  • Amazing what Charlie Roberson has accomplished

    On Saturday, December 11, 2021, KUR divers Charlie Roberson and Andy Pitkin explored and surveyed 564 ft of new passage at the bottom of Mt. Doom. Originally explored in 2007, Mt. Doom was the deepest point in the cave at 407 ffw, until deeper sections were explored last season.

  • Ratio Deco- doing the numbers

    Example of Ratio Deco for 45 meters set point. 2 Method discussed. 45- 1:1

  • John Clarke

    John Clarke

    John R. Clarke, Ph.D. (born November 20, 1945) is an American scientist, private pilot, and author. He served as Scientific Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU). Clarke is recognized as a leading authority on rebreather engineering. He has an extensive academic career in biological and physiological sciences. He is an excellent […]

  • An effortless way to add weight on my Sidemount rig

    Author: Carlos Lander, edited by: Bruce Konefe Normally when I travel, I prefer to use my “Dive Rite – TransPac” sidemount configuration, twin tanks are not always available. My sidemount configuration works great, however, I needed to find a better solution to mount the lead weights, to help perfect my buoyancy/ trim. With a small […]

  • Rebreather Setting Leads to Dangerous Equipment Failure

    that gear is used for. Servicing for regulators varies on the brand and type of equipment, so making sure the technician knows if it will be used on a close-circuit rebreather could have prevented an irregular pressure setting. It is always best before diving to double check your apparatus and check your line pressures to make sure they are compatible with your brand of equipment.

  • Balanced Rig and Neutral buoyancy

    Exploratory view of balanced rig and neutral buoyancy. Review of a real scuba diving accident.

  • Mermaids are real- culture

    Ancient sailors claimed to witness in deep oceans creatures’ part-human and part-animal. Maps are strewn with strange creatures likes mermaids and mermen.

  • Diving Into History With Thailand’s Sira Ploymukda

    During the last trip (wreck diving), Siwat Worachananant and Sira Ploymukda took a set of delightful photographs that I want to share with you. Theme: archaeology

  • Karlos Simón

    El amigo de los tiburones! Conoce la vida de Karlos en la intimidad. En esta amena conversación Karlos revela su amor por los oceanos, su avidez por la aventura y, sus primeros pasos como camarógrafo.

  • The Recreational Decompression Diving

    SSI new diving program, 2021. Versión en español This year SSI comes with a new course: Decompression Diving. On my view; this course is aim to the recreational market. Is an effort for bringing safety to divers who tends to stay longer, deeper and generally made “deco” with their dive computer with a single cylinder. […]

  • Reparación de equipos de buceo

    2 etapa mecánica

    Taller de reparación de equipos, ubicados en Caracas. Llena el formulario para contactarme.

  • Argonaut Kraken

    I came across this website: Vintage Double Hose and it’s fascinating what I learned about scuba vintage equipment. Actually, I still use my US Aquarius and Conshelf regulators and, believed me, I didn’t know those were considered vintage. The site was created by Bryan in 2004 and accoriding from what I read, he was frustrated […]

  • O’Neil’s Surprise

    It was an afternoon routine when I compulsive checked my e-mail; one email captured my interest. I could not believe what I was reading. Someone was making me a gift, a Cochran EMC-20H Dive Computer. At first, I thought it was a joke, someone was jonking my jeter… but I decided to reply and see […]

  • Tech Deco

    TechDeco output

    This is a good program with a subtle set of variables and characteristics. It’s well suitable for an Open Circuit Diver to use on the field for last minutes review and run different profiles. What is lack is an alternative windows to run second or third dives in the same day.

  • An insightful conversation with Anna Kozlova.

    A videographer, an adventurer, and a storyteller. Anna is an enthusiastic, experienced diver and underwater videographer with a background in science and additional education in cinematography. Anna has nine years of diving experience, eight of them as technical diver and asunderwater videographer, and more than one thousand logged dives. She has a creative personality, has a natural […]

  • Cochran Undersea Technology inDepth Magazine

    Mike Cochran

    With Michael Menduno help I authored this article for GUE’s (Global Underwater Explorers) InDepth blog/magazine. It all has been a labor of love, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing and editing it. As any other article some photographs are left out, not all of them can make it for one reason or another. Below are […]

  • Students’ resources and tools

    Library- Repository: Documents, softwares, scientific publications, etc.

  • Pelagian approach to Instant Cell Validation

    The second function of the ADV is provide a simple means to verify the accuracy of the oxygen sensors during a dive. As mentioned in the Set up chapter, oxygen sensors are unreliable and your best defense is to check them frequently. Additionally, during the course of a dive, every time the ADV triggers the […]

  • Yoga props

    Sustainable practice Sustainable means that you want to be able to continue doing yoga without injuries. More often than not, people get injured doing Yoga because they forgot to maintain a good posture foundation. Some people do more importance to breathing than how a posture (exercise) is performed. In reality; both are equally important; nonetheless, […]

  • Dive Computers

    Sport Diver Mar 2007

    A beginner guide What is underneath? Schematics of a Dive Computer Sensors/Clock → Storage Unit ↔ [Control Unit / Arithmetic and Logical Unit]CPU → Output [Display] A dive computer is a device that operated upon collected data, it is an electronic board which does arithmetic and logical operations accordingly with the programmed decompression algorithm and […]

  • George Bass

    Underwater archaeology pioneer George Bass dies at 88 In a storied career spanning decades, the archaeologist led excavations of ancient shipwrecks and inspired a generation of scientific adventurers.

  • Ascent Rate: 60ft./min.?

    Have you ever asked to your instructor how was calculated/ came-up-with the ascent rate of the tables or computer that you used? Do you think it reflects basic fact of human physiology? Well, the short answer is no. The selection was made by the USA NAVY based on a compromised between work and safety. At […]

  • Understanding Ratio Deco Air Tables


    Before viewing the numbers, first let’s review a few concepts: “ascent strategy” and “overall procedure”. The strategy is the result of a combination of theory and practicality. The procedure accounts for Rock Bottom gas management for safety reason. The overall procedure is consistence and compatible with all levels of training and depth. So divers applied […]

  • The Jason Parker Trilogy

    John Clarke

    When saving the world is not enough. This part is focus on the intriguing side of being able to write a series, on evolution, on aliens, deep waters, low oxygen environments, life and more… podcast feed Series Middle Waters “A techno science fiction thriller that is grounded in what we know of our physical world, […]

  • Joints Mobility

    Mobility and Yoga

    Why nobody teaches mobility in scuba? As divers we use a lot of equipment and, swim large distances underwater, plus need to handle situations like maneuvering the manifold, valves, cameras, etc. People tend to think that what they needs is a lot of muscles, but generally divers forgot about mobility. Joint Mobility refers to as […]

  • Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

    Michael Menduno

    Michael is a wild- Mustang. He has a resilient attitude and the curiosity of a child. Scientist and journalist never grew up in their curiosity 1, these kinds of characters maintain ignited the flame in their eyes. When you talk to Michael, you can perceive it. Michael has an inquisitive mind, like to explore, investigate, and […]

  • Bill Stewart

    Bill is an enhancer; he understands what needs to be done in the current state of the underwater-world. His love for the Philippines and for the western Pacific Ocean is well known. His passion for photography pushes him to travel the world, not only as an explorer of the underwater world, but also as an explorer […]

  • John B. Griffith Jr.

    A Conversation with a Veteran and a Wiseman It’s difficult to describe John, he is the embodiment of a hero, at the same time a Wiseman and a gentleman. He is veteran, writer and author. He travel the world engagement different cultures and absorbing them. He is an enthusiastic person with a lot to share… please enjoy. Click […]

  • El metabolismo es estúpido: un nuevo modelo sobre la formación de burbuja.

    DAN EU

    05 Feb 2020 | Michael Menduno Traducción: Carlos Lander La existencia y cantidad de burbujas a nivel vascular esta asociada al síndrome de descompresión o embolia gaseosa (EG). Se teoriza que durante la inmersión, las burbujas se desarrollan a partir de pequeños núcleos ya presentes en las cavidades porosas de los tejidos, comúnmente denominado “micronúcleo”. […]

  • Poseidon Head made by Underwater Technologies

    The Configuration of the head has the possibility to use up to three oxygen cells, two independent power supply sources (battery type: LiPo 18650) and a low-power solenoid Clippard. A discussion about solenoids and Kiss valve: A Kiss valve needs at least between 12-13 bar of pressure to works correctly, Clippart works with a very […]

  • AV-Underwater Technologies-reseña

    Ordenador de buceo AV Underwater Technologies. Reseña y Cabezal para poseidon MKVI

  • How to replace a solenoid from your Poseidon eCCR

    Poseidon Head

    Discussion about solenoid replacement on the MKVI eCCR

  • El nuevo orden impuesto

    Carlos Lander

    Publicado originalmente el día 18 de Mayo de 2020 COVID-19 Más allá si el virus es natural y trasmitido al ser humano desde un pangolín o, se escapó de un laboratorio en Wuhan o fue creado y esparcido a propósito como parte de una guerra económica, son interrogantes que están latentes en la imagen colectiva. […]

  • The brain behind FATHOM Dive Systems

    Charlie Roberson FATHOM Dive Systems is a manufacturing company that focuses on life-support equipment for underwater exploration. Charlie is the brainchild of FATHOM, a cave diver and explorer, who sought to make products for his own exploration. The company’s goal is to produce innovative, functional, and reliable equipment for underwater exploration. Link to the Podcast […]

  • MK29 rebreather

    Mk29 CCR

    Recently I spoke with John Clarke, on our conversation he mentioned that the NAVY is working on a CCR that could be used with umbilical as a backup; so if you still pondering about it, below are public-videos explaining the concept