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  • Diving Into History With Thailand’s Sira Ploymukda

    Diving Into History With Thailand’s Sira Ploymukda

    During the last trip (wreck diving), Siwat Worachananant and Sira Ploymukda took a set of delightful photographs that I want to share with you. Theme: archaeology

  • Where West meet East

    Where West meet East

    Many concepts are the same between west and orient civilizations. Today I want to revise the concepts Chaos-Order and (tàijítú) Yin-Yang similarities. Both represents the deepest level of existences. Both philosophies are related to the dualism, for example light (day) and darkness (night).  Every part develops from each other. Thus, neither cannot exist without the […]

  • George Bass

    George Bass

    Underwater archaeology pioneer George Bass dies at 88 In a storied career spanning decades, the archaeologist led excavations of ancient shipwrecks and inspired a generation of scientific adventurers.