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With Michael Menduno help I authored this article for GUE’s (Global Underwater Explorers) InDepth blog/magazine. It all has been a labor of love, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing and editing it. As any other article some photographs are left out, not all of them can make it for one reason or another. Below are […]

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Understanding Ratio Deco Air Tables

Before viewing the numbers, first let’s review a few concepts: “ascent strategy” and “overall procedure”. The strategy is the result of a combination of theory and practicality. The procedure accounts for Rock Bottom gas management for safety reason. The overall procedure is consistence and compatible with all levels of training and depth. So divers applied […]

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Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

Michael’s work and how to connect with him InDepth magazine at GUE Alert Diver Online (Michael’s articles) Diver Magazine (Michael’s articles) Fourth Element Blog (Michael’s post) Shearwater Blog (Michael’s posts) X-Ray mag (Michael’s posts) aquaCORPS Pioneer Interviews aquaCORPS: Everything you wanted to know about the making of the magazine aquaCORPS (free mix issue download) 1 Curiosity […]