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  • John Clarke

    John Clarke

    John R. Clarke, Ph.D. (born November 20, 1945) is an American scientist, private pilot, and author. He served as Scientific Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU). Clarke is recognized as a leading authority on rebreather engineering. He has an extensive academic career in biological and physiological sciences. He is an excellent…

  • Cochran Undersea Technology inDepth Magazine

    Cochran Undersea Technology inDepth Magazine

    With Michael’s help I drafted this article for GUE’s (Global Underwater Explorers) InDepth blog/magazine. It all has been a labor of love, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing and editing it. As with any other article some photographs are left out, not all of them can make it for one reason or another. Below…

  • Ascent Rate: 60ft./min.?

    Ascent Rate: 60ft./min.?

    Have you ever asked to your instructor how was calculated/ came-up-with the ascent rate of the tables or computer that you used? Do you think it reflects basic fact of human physiology? Well, the short answer is no. The selection was made by the USA NAVY based on a compromised between work and safety. At…

  • MK29 rebreather

    MK29 rebreather

    Recently I spoke with John Clarke, on our conversation he mentioned that the NAVY is working on a CCR that could be used with umbilical as a backup; so if you still pondering about it, below are public-videos explaining the concept

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