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  • Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Standardized Gas Mixes: Setpoint Table Depth (meters) Time (minutes) 51 (BT x 2) -15 54 (BT x 2) -10 57 (BT x 2) -5 60 1:2= BT x 2 (setpoint) 63 (BT x 2) +5 66 (BT x 2) +10 69 (BT x 2) +15 72 (BT x 2) +20 Deep stop 0~59 minutes of…

  • First stop, which one?

    First stop, which one?

    Before you continue reading, review this article: Gradient Factors in a Post-Deep Stops World, because this post was inspired by it. In addition, I recommend you read: Gradient Factors and multi-model approach to decompression. What first stop should I use? How should I modify GF to get a better and cleaner decompression? Deep stops are…

  • Planning dives with DIVESOFT apps

    Planning dives with DIVESOFT apps

    DVESOFT has released an application for smartphones, with the app you may plan dives (CCR/OC), make todo lists, register trips and dives, add devices and a checklist for assembling CCR liberty units. As you see, it’s a comprehensive application for DIVESOFT products, especially for liberty CCR(s). Nevertheless, if you only used their Freedom DC, it’s…

  • Multi model approach to deco

    Multi model approach to deco

    Support information for Ratio Deco Decompression Procedures There’s a difference between a decompression model and a decompression strategy, one of the best propositions for it is what JP Imbert called a “multi model approach to decompression safety”, another interesting idea is “Ratio Deco.” Both are valid, extremely useful and based on the same principles; but…

  • DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    Tech DC advantages I’ve been using Freedom DC for a long time. From my experience, without hesitation this is the best computers on the market today, there are many reasons for this: First, this DC is suitable for any type of diving, this means that you may upgrade or buy the firmware you really need,…

  • Ratio Deco- Doing the Numbers

    Ratio Deco- Doing the Numbers

    Example of Ratio Deco for 45 meters set point. 2 Method discussed. 45- 1:1

  • Understanding Ratio Deco Air Tables

    Understanding Ratio Deco Air Tables

    Before viewing the numbers, first let’s review a few concepts: “ascent strategy” and “overall procedure”. The strategy is the result of a combination of theory and practicality. The procedure accounts for Rock Bottom gas management for safety reasons. The overall procedure is consistent and compatible with all levels of training and depth. So, divers applied…

  • Ratio Deco or deco on the fly

    Ratio Deco or deco on the fly

    We’re going to review only some aspects of this system, because this is a merely introduction. So, knowing this, lets get into it. This system is based on a statistical approach to decompression schedule, this mean that you must used a set of standardized gases for a particular range of depth that were chosen for…

  • Inflammatory responses: Compartmental versus Ratio Deco.

    Inflammatory responses: Compartmental versus Ratio Deco.

    Understanding the conclusion of a comparative evaluation of two decompression procedures for technical diving using inflammatory responses: Compartmental versus Ratio Deco.

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