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  • Costal Ecosystems

    Costal Ecosystems

    The coastal zone is the interface between land and sea, this zone extends its influence on the intertidal environment and beyond. These areas also cover the watershed draining into coastal areas and are interrelated, interdependent and enclosed multiple ecosystems. As we debated in the coral reef article, the coast is a system-integration, we have a coastal…

  • DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    Tech DC advantages I’ve been using Freedom DC for a long time. From my experience, it is the best computers on the market today. I’m telling you this for many reasons: First, this DC is suitable for any type of diving, this means that you may upgrade or buy the firmware you really need, no…

  • El nuevo orden impuesto

    El nuevo orden impuesto

    Publicado originalmente el día 18 de Mayo de 2020 COVID-19 Más allá si el virus es natural y trasmitido al ser humano desde un pangolín o, se escapó de un laboratorio en Wuhan o fue creado y esparcido a propósito como parte de una guerra económica, son interrogantes que están latentes en la imagen colectiva.…

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