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  • Nathan Fillion, the diver.

    Nathan Fillion, the diver.

    Nathan has a wonderful character, does not take himself seriously and it is down to earth. I really enjoyed this wonderful conversation.

  • Interconnected tissues in decompression model

    Interconnected tissues in decompression model

    Multi-Exponential washout models. How to measure risk? DCS risk is intrinsically probabilistic and, not deterministic, in other words, there is no mathematical critical point in which you “can or can’t” get DCS. The risk changes continuously and gradually with decompression stress. Deterministic models work with compartments and base the decompression on a leading compartment in…

  • Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Standardized Gas Mixes: Setpoint Table Depth (meters) Time (minutes) 51 (BT x 2) -15 54 (BT x 2) -10 57 (BT x 2) -5 60 1:2= BT x 2 (setpoint) 63 (BT x 2) +5 66 (BT x 2) +10 69 (BT x 2) +15 72 (BT x 2) +20 Deep stop 0~59 minutes of…

  • Planning dives with DIVESOFT apps

    Planning dives with DIVESOFT apps

    DVESOFT has released an application for smartphones, with the app you may plan dives (CCR/OC), make todo lists, register trips and dives, add devices and a checklist for assembling CCR liberty units. As you see, it’s a comprehensive application for DIVESOFT products, especially for liberty CCR(s). Nevertheless, if you only used their Freedom DC, it’s…

  • Ratio Deco- Doing the Numbers

    Ratio Deco- Doing the Numbers

    Example of Ratio Deco for 45 meters set point. 2 Method discussed. 45- 1:1

  • Problem reaching your valves and isolator on your twins/ doubles?

    Problem reaching your valves and isolator on your twins/ doubles?

    Do the following exercises to improve your movements and possible fix this issue. The world’s population is aging and becoming healthier; therefore, we see more elderly people doing more outdoor activities. Diving is no exception; much of the technical diving community has a middle-age demographic structure. Other factors that contribute to the age range in…

  • Balanced Rig and Neutral Buoyancy

    Balanced Rig and Neutral Buoyancy

    Exploratory view of balanced rig and neutral buoyancy. Review of a real scuba diving accident.

  • Mermaids are Real

    Mermaids are Real

    Ancient sailors claimed to witness in deep oceans creatures’ part-human and part-animal. Maps are strewn with strange creatures likes mermaids and mermen.

  • Reparación de equipos de buceo

    Reparación de equipos de buceo

    Taller de reparación de equipos, ubicados en Caracas. Llena el formulario para contactarme.

  • O’Neil’s Surprise

    O’Neil’s Surprise

    It was an afternoon routine when I compulsive checked my e-mail; one email captured my interest. I could not believe what I was reading. Someone was making me a gift, a Cochran EMC-20H Dive Computer. At first, I thought it was a joke, someone was jonking my jeter… but I decided to reply and see…

  • Tech Deco

    Tech Deco

    This is a good program with a subtle set of variables and characteristics. It’s well suitable for an Open Circuit Diver to use on the field for last minutes review and run different profiles. What is lack is an alternative windows to run second or third dives in the same day.

  • Dive Computers:

    Dive Computers:

    – A beginner’s guide. What is underneath? Schematics of a Dive Computer Sensors/Clock → Storage Unit ↔ [Control Unit / Arithmetic and Logical Unit]CPU → Output [Display] A dive computer is a device that operated upon collected data, it is an electronic board which does arithmetic and logical operations accordingly with the programmed decompression algorithm…

  • Ascent Rate: 60ft./min.?

    Ascent Rate: 60ft./min.?

    Have you ever asked to your instructor how was calculated/ came-up-with the ascent rate of the tables or computer that you used? Do you think it reflects basic fact of human physiology? Well, the short answer is no. The selection was made by the USA NAVY based on a compromised between work and safety. At…

  • Joints Mobility

    Joints Mobility

    Why does nobody teach mobility in scuba? As divers we use a lot of equipment and swim large distances underwater, plus need to handle situations like maneuvering the manifold, valves, cameras, etc. People tend to think that what they need is a lot of muscles, but divers forget about mobility. Joint Mobility refers to the…

  • Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

    Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

    Michael is a wild- Mustang. He has a resilient attitude and the curiosity of a child. Scientist and journalist never grew up in their curiosity 1, these kinds of characters maintain ignited the flame in their eyes. When you talk to Michael, you can perceive it. Michael has an inquisitive mind, like to explore, investigate, and…

  • Bill Stewart

    Bill Stewart

    Bill is an enhancer; he understands what needs to be done in the current state of the underwater-world. His love for the Philippines and for the western Pacific Ocean is well known. His passion for photography pushes him to travel the world, not only as an explorer of the underwater world, but also as an explorer…

  • John B. Griffith Jr.

    John B. Griffith Jr.

    A Conversation with a Veteran and a Wiseman It’s difficult to describe John, he is the embodiment of a hero, at the same time a Wiseman and a gentleman. He is veteran, writer and author. He travel the world engagement different cultures and absorbing them. He is an enthusiastic person with a lot to share… please enjoy. Click…

  • Understanding nucleation as a process and what divers can do to mitigate it.

    Understanding nucleation as a process and what divers can do to mitigate it.

    Divers have a generalized concept that decompression bubbles form with ascent and reduced its sizes with a decrease in ambient pressure but this isn’t completely accurate, tiny microbubbles are already present prior depressurization. Which means that two factors should be present for the occurrence of DCS, micronuclei and supersaturation. Although our internal body have no…

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