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  • Interconnected tissues in decompression model

    Interconnected tissues in decompression model

    Multi-Exponential washout models. How to measure risk? DCS risk is intrinsically probabilistic and, not deterministic, in other words, there is no mathematical critical point in which you “can or can’t” get DCS. The risk changes continuously and gradually with decompression stress. Deterministic models work with compartments and base the decompression on a leading compartment in…

  • Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Ratio Deco 1:2 with 2 Decompression bottles

    Standardized Gas Mixes: Setpoint Table Depth (meters) Time (minutes) 51 (BT x 2) -15 54 (BT x 2) -10 57 (BT x 2) -5 60 1:2= BT x 2 (setpoint) 63 (BT x 2) +5 66 (BT x 2) +10 69 (BT x 2) +15 72 (BT x 2) +20 Deep stop 0~59 minutes of…

  • Planning dives with DIVESOFT

    Planning dives with DIVESOFT

    DVESOFT has released an application for smartphones, with the app you may plan dives (CCR/OC), make todo lists, register trips and dives, add devices and a checklist for assembling CCR liberty units. As you see, it’s a comprehensive application for DIVESOFT products, especially for liberty CCR(s). Nevertheless, if you only used their Freedom DC, it’s…

  • Multi model approach to deco

    Multi model approach to deco

    Support information for Ratio Deco Decompression Procedures There’s a difference between a decompression model and a decompression strategy, one of the best propositions for it is what JP Imbert called a “multi model approach to decompression safety”, another interesting idea is “Ratio Deco.” Both are valid, extremely useful and based on the same principles; but…

  • DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    DIVESOFT Freedom Dive Computers

    Tech DC advantages I’ve been using Freedom DC for a long time. From my experience, it is the best computers on the market today. I’m telling you this for many reasons: First, this DC is suitable for any type of diving, this means that you may upgrade or buy the firmware you really need, no…

  • Andy Fritz

    Andy Fritz

    A bold and humble person, highly intelligent with strategic thinking. No doubt that his actions inspire others to dream, learn more and become more… Feed RSS feed on the newsletter Andy Fritz started modifying Russian military rebreathers back in 1997 initially for personal use, but soon enough divers would travel to Thailand to get their rebreathers modernized…

  • Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

    Michael Menduno: The Journalist within

    Michael is a wild- Mustang. He has a resilient attitude and the curiosity of a child. Scientist and journalist never grew up in their curiosity 1, these kinds of characters maintain ignited the flame in their eyes. When you talk to Michael, you can perceive it. Michael has an inquisitive mind, like to explore, investigate, and…

  • John B. Griffith Jr.

    John B. Griffith Jr.

    A Conversation with a Veteran and a Wiseman It’s difficult to describe John, he is the embodiment of a hero, at the same time a Wiseman and a gentleman. He is veteran, writer and author. He travel the world engagement different cultures and absorbing them. He is an enthusiastic person with a lot to share… please enjoy. Click…

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